A' La Mode Salon Spa & Studio

Welcome to A' La Mode Salon Spa & Studio. Opened in January of 2017 this space is perfect for newborn & portrait photography when the weather isn't cooperating or you just want to play in the studio.  I love to control my lighting and this is the perfect place to get creative.  If you are looking for a great studio space to lease that includes props, basic equipment and web space for members look no further.   Prices can be found at Awesome for that part-time photographer!

 Check out the Newborn Gallery for more images shot at A' La Mode Studio


Newborn Joy


Topping the scales at just six pounds Riley was a joy to work with!  I love working with newborns even though they can be very time consuming.  Keeping them warm, full, and clean will lead to some great shots that mom and dad will cherish forever!  

Not just for macro.  Here is a nice example of my Canon EF 100 f/2.8 IS USM Macro used for portraits.  This is a great prime lens with many uses.

Macro Photography

I love the first signs of spring.  Time to grab your camera and capture the beautiful color.  Playing with a macro lens always has a way of showing a whole new world that you may have missed otherwise.  On a trip to the east coast we stopped at a butterfly conservatory and I took my 100 macro lens along hoping to catch a couple of good shots.  They suggest early morning as the butterflies are most active but we didn't arrive until lunch.  This was a great time to catch them napping.  This guy looks like he was happy to have a visitor!